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Meeting, presenting oneself, paying attention to clarifications, paying attention to addresses

– Making fish houses with ropes Will gather a few forms while gathering a specific sum. will be given to the Local Fisheries Association Take it down to the ocean

at 12.30 Take a break for lunch

13.00 Take a minibus to take you to investigate around the island. Stop to gather ocean side waste at different attractions on the island, including Chao Por Khao Yai Shrine, Khao Khad Chong , Phra Juta Thujathan and Hat Tham Phang อาสาสมัครเพื่อสังคม

. – Make a trip back securely expected to show up in Bangkok about early afternoon relying upon traffic conditions Member’s dependability, force majeure and other natural variables

Note: The request for exercises might be turned by the circumstance hands in the vicinity.

Select 40 individuals (in the event that there are many intrigued individuals, claim all authority to permit the coordinator to consider regardless of whether to build the number)

The application expense is 700 baht for every individual. It is important to gather at the hour of utilization 500 baht for every individual to save a vehicle and plan for the occasion. The excess 200 baht, yet it’s advantageous to pay all prior to going. Or on the other hand will pay at the occasion on the vehicle (since we can call to affirm the genuine sum to the neighborhood administrator, boat, songthaew, food upon the arrival of movement)

The privileges to get are as per the following:

1) Air-molded transports to and from if it is near the movement date and the members are under 30 individuals, the transport contract isn’t sufficient, maintains all authority to order it as a van

2) Roundtrip boats to Sriracha-Koh Sichang (with life coats)

3) Local minibusses to go around the island

4) Yes Accident protection covers travelers for transports, vans, minibusses and boats.

5) Lunch and drinking water

6) Materials and embellishments

7) Staff and speakers

8) Certificates (will be given as an internet based picture document after the occasion. Can be utilized to gather the plot-report of the understudies or keep it as a resume. or on the other hand can be kept as a gift) For those going all alone, restricted to something like 10 individuals, get together at Koh Loi, Sriracha District (the wharf to Koh Sichang), adding to the action charge 400 baht for each individual.